Artist Statement

My current exploration involves studying the basic human form and extracting a frozen moment of a particular scene, analyzing the moment and trying to reduce that moment to a single frame of action. It's kind of like trying to find a single frame in a movie that expresses a scene and gives the viewer enough information to understand what action was taking place at that time. I concentrate heavily on the movement and stance of the figure, rather than the facial expression, (thus the tiny heads) constantly trying to figure out which position to tilt a hand or an elbow or a bent knee to express a particular movement or maybe even a particular emotion.

There is an endless supply of ideas found in the human condition, so I have plenty of information to work with. I find inspiration in watching people on the street and in everyday situations that we all go through. Then there is my own twisted mind, that allows me to make up scenes, spoofs and humorous vignettes that go behind the figures. Finally, I enjoy coming up with titles that throw a bit of humor into the equation. I'm a strong advocate of "laughter is the best medicine", so I'm pleased when I hear someone laughing at one of my pieces.