Born Feb. 23, 1954, Palo Alto, California
BA - Ceramics, 1977 - San Jose State University
MFA-Design, 1982, California Institute of the Arts

I was born and raised in California, with roots in Switzerland, Germany, Scotland and England, and raised in the Santa Clara Valley, (Silicon Valley) California.

I started working with clay as a sophomore in high school and as soon as I touched that gooey malleable earth, I knew immediately that I wanted to work with clay for the rest of my life. After graduating from high school, I enrolled at SJSU, where I concentrated my studies in ceramics under James Lovera, Robert Fritz and Herbert Sanders, with some influences thrown in by David Middlebrook. I also joined some of my friends in a studio which we shared off campus for a few years. We built our own kilns and made items to sell in the local art fairs. I also worked in a local ceramic supply shop building kilns for several years while at SJSU.

After graduating with a BA in Ceramics, I became a production potter for several years at two Bay Area pottery houses. I taught summer classes on production pottery while I was working in the field, and an Adult Education ceramics class. The production pottery was fun and educational, but I got more pleasure out of designing and building one-of-a-kind pieces and exploring raku surfaces and organic looking textures.

I decided to go back to school at California Institute of the Arts, where I received my MFA in Design/Advertising. Currently I have a graphic design business doing work for mostly high-tech companies in the area.

When I'm done with the "day job", I try to spend as much time as possible working with clay and creating these ceramic figurative sculptures and exploring new surfaces and glaze treatments.